UGK's Super Tight Turn 25

By Cherrell King

UGK Pimp C and Bun B Released Super Tight August 30, 1994

UGK followed up their debut Jive release Too Hard to Swallow, with Super Tight.  On August 30, 1994, Pimp C and Bun B released a solid eleven-track sophomore album that solidified their space in hip hop conversations across the country.  The project would birth fan favorites ReturnIt's Suppose to Bubble, I Left it Wet for You, Front, Back & Side to Side, Protect & Serve, and Pocket Full of Stones, Pt 2

Pimp C produced every song on the project except Three Sixteens, which was produced by DJ DMD.  Pimp C also is credited with programming and as the sole recording engineer. Other notable features include Smoke D, 3-2, and internationally known funk guitarist Leo Nocentelli.  

The album peaked in 1994 on the US Billboard 200 at #95, US Top R&B /Hip Hop Albums at #9 

Notable samples used by Pimp C in his production include NWA's Fuck tha Police, sampled for Protect & Serve, and Eazy E's Boyz-N-The Hood, sampled on Front, Back & Side to Side

Super Tight also spawn other Trill moments in Hip Hop. In 1998 Mannie Fresh sampled Protect & Serve for Juvenile's mega classic, Back the Azz Up.




Then again in 2005, Mannie Fresh would reach back to the Super Tight album again, remixing Front, Back & Side to Side for T.I.'s King album. This song and video would be one of Pimp C's public appearances after a 4-year prison stint. 



Listen to the full album.  


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